Monday, December 29, 2014

The People's Parliament Westminster 16 December 2014 "Holding the City to Account"

John McDonnell MP was due to chair the latest meeting of the People's Parliament in Committee Room 16 at the House of Commons on 16 December 2014 but was initially delayed by a debate in the main chamber.
So Austin Mitchell MP chaired and introduced speakers reporter Richard Brooks of "Private Eye"  (and author of "The Great Tax Robbery"), Robert Palmer of "Global Witness", Richard Murphy of "Tax Research UK", John Christensen of "Tax Justice Network" and Professor Prem Sikka of the Centre for Global Accountability...some video recordings of the proceedings follow;

Firstly Austin Mitchell's introduction;

Richard Brooks below;

Robert Palmer (Global Witness) part One;
Robert Palmer Part two;

As a footnote the following short video shows the office of the Jersey Government in London just a few minutes walk from the Houses of Parliament and very centrally situated for all the important offices of the UK administration....


Saturday, December 6, 2014

The medical use of cannabis in Jersey - Two of the three petitioners interveiwed - who could possibly vote "Contre" in the States?

Three Individuals have petitioned the States of Jersey to be allowed to have prescribed Cannabis or manufactured derivatives.
All three are seriously ill and experience severe pain and many other discomforts.
Other treatments are largely ineffective.

They will meet with invited  States Members on Monday 8 December at a private meting . Their petitions will be discussed, debated and voted upon in the States' Assembly on Tuesday 9 December 2014 in public.

The newly appointed Health Minister Senator Green has already expressed his view in opposition to the granting of the petitioners' wishes - but why?

Here below in a two part interview Ann and Evelyn (two of the three petitioners) express some of their views on the matter.
Previous interviews with Evelyn have appeared on this blog-site.

Part one - runs about 7.5 minutes

Part two - also about 7.5 minutes