Saturday, February 23, 2019

Amilcar spring sunshine tour of Jersey - February 2019 - exclusive video

The spring sunshine can have a strange affect on people so it seemed a good idea to take Graham's 1939 Amilcar voiturette out on a proving run.

All went well until Les Landes when the battery - of the car - gave up the ghost and had to be rescued with some modern techno sparks when no volunteer could be found to donate a stocking as a fan belt.

This rough cut video records the tour so far as it went and there is always something different to be time the other half of Jersey will be viewed in the summer snow or a tropical storm....

No bye-election posters were observed in the making of this video.

Video Part One

Had to include a pic of Sadie wearing another hat and speaking Jerriais by special request...

Part Two

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Late Deputy Richard Rondel - as he is remembered

The bye-election for a Deputy in Districts 3 and 4 St Helier will take place on Wednesday 27 February.

This evening Thursday 21 February the final hustings will be held at the Town Hall from 7 pm.

I hope that it is considered appropriate to remind ourselves of Deputy Richard Rondel and that the candidates in the bye-election and electors might learn something from this interview recorded in  2014.

Part One below

Part Two below

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

2nd Hustings, Districts 3/4 bye election, St Helier, Jersey 12 February 2019

There are 10 candidates for the single vacancy of Deputy
These are the candidates' initial speeches of 3 minutes each.
Questions followed from the audience (not shown here).

Candidates John Baker, Nick Le Cornu, "Ant" Lewis

Candidates George Troy, Gerraint Jennings, Guy De Faye

Candidates Lyndsey Feltham, Francesca Ahier, Andrea Mallet, Inna Gardiner

Saturday, February 9, 2019


Jersey Public Sector employees and supporters marched into St Helier on Saturday and assembled in the Royal Square to protest against their working conditions and pay.

This is the same place that protestors assembled in September 1769 to which action this site is dedicated.
Then as now the protests were overseen by the same gilded statue of King George II.

Below is an interview with Andy Woolley, the Regional Secretary of the NEU
or National Education Union.
He was one of several TU leaders who also addressed the assembled marchers;

Sadie Rennard of St Saviour was the only Constable spotted and was briefly interviewed ;

Senator Kristina Moore was one of a number of elected States Members who addressed the marchers in the Square and was interviewed ;

Deputy John Young the Minister for the Environment also addressed the marchers in the Square and this is an extract together with some images of the crowd;