Friday, December 2, 2011

SAM LALLY's Progress in Jersey, ANOTHER STEP...

We posted an interview by Thomas Wellard with Sam Lally on the
on 7 January this year.

Now that the year is drawing to a close we have taken the opportunity to speak again with Sam Lally for an up-date on his life.

As he reveals here, he has now moved back to Jersey and will be moving into new housing accommodation soon – just as soon as it has been adapted for his personal needs.

We note too that the Health Department proposes to encourage people to care for themselves in their own homes as part of the far-reaching reforms outlined in the May 2011 Discussion Document.

These proposals which include such things as constructing a new general hospital for Jersey have huge implications for all people in this Island - but especially for those like Sam Lally who depend so much upon public facilities and support.

Sam is very pleased to have returned to his unpaid job with a local store on one day per week and is involved with such organisations as JET (Jersey Employment Trust) and SPEAK OUT which, as he says here, offers a voice to disabled people.

We hope to return to him again and to open up the discussion so that other members of SPEAK OUT will participate and we hope that the group might soon have an inter-active blog site of its own.


  1. I well remember this young man's first interview with you, and am thrilled that things are working out for him.

    What a shame more able bodied people are not as positive and thankful for their lot like he is.

    A very happy Christmas and New Year Sam. Hope you are happy in your new home.

  2. Interesting interview - thanks for this.

  3. Well done Sam, a brilliant interview, really informative. Good luck in your new home and all the best for the New Year