Monday, February 13, 2012

La Ville Davy Retreat Centre - Peter and Mo Henderson explain...

Mo and Peter Henderson will be known to many people in Jersey already through their Mindfulness teaching and other professional work in the Island.
Here, in this February (not January!) interview they explain about the Retreat Centre that they have created and run at St Helen near Dinan for some years.

With Jersey’s Health Service now facing so many challenges it is useful to hear people who have independently established their own successful initiative towards mental well being using meditation and related practices.

La Ville Davy Retreat Centre, 22100 St Helen France further details can be found on Facebook or

or email

This is not an advert – the information is offered as part of the eternal search for knowledge and understanding for those who seek it.

Please don’t complain about the poorish lighting on this interview …it’s the best I could manage on the day…just try to concentrate on the information that is being offered…..


  1. Is this one of your sanctuaries ?

  2. So how much do they charge?

  3. very good, been there. approx 150 euros for a weekend including food & accommodation.

  4. Any Cavalry Captains in your Henderson/Jersey Isle ancestry?