Saturday, July 7, 2012


Organised by AABA (the Association for Accountancy and Business Affairs, TJN (Tax Justice Network) the Centre for Global Accounting at Essex Business School the Conference took place on 5 and 6 July 2012 at the University of Essex and attracted an audience and speakers from all over the world.
Professor Prem Sikka of Essex Universioty welcomed those present and introduced the first session.

The following interviews are with just some of the many participants at the Conference and are subject to the vagaries of weather, lighting, background noise and so on - but will hopefully serve to confirm just how much concern there is across the world about these most important international issues.

For more information consult;

Richard Murphy introduction:

Uddhab Prassad Pyakurel (Nepal)
A Norwegian TU view
Daniel MacKenzie (UK)
Ofer Sitbon & Moran Harari (Israel)
Alan Deneault (Canada)

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  1. Richard Murphy's "Plan B for Jersey" is now posted on the tomgruchy Youtube channel in 2 parts. Seek and ye shall find.
    It is the entire talk with an alternative economic strategy for Jersy as offered during January 2011 at Hautlieu School.