Thursday, August 16, 2012

ALAN COLLINS English lawyer for Jersey Child Abuse survivors 2012

Alan Collins is a solicitor-advocate with English lawyers PANNONE who specialises in child abuse cases. He started his career as a criminal lawyer but by chance now deals almost exclusively and internationally with cases such as that centred on the Haut de la Garenne children’s home in Jersey (Channel Islands)

“Child abuse knows no boundaries” says Alan but it is very significant that he – an English lawyer – should be pursuing these Jersey cases whilst the 250 or so lawyers from this little Island seem to have been so reluctant to help the many survivors.

The Jersey compensation scheme now being implemented accepts abuse cases from 1945 onwards (the end of the Second World-War). Alan is now dealing with 50 cases plus there are several lawyers engaged from different UK legal practices in further cases.

This surely demonstrates just how substantial the Jersey failure has been and how deep-seated is the neglect by the Jersey legal and judicial system in response.

A look at “Alan Collins Pannone” or via will find his website giving details of many similar cases in the UK and elsewhere.
So Jersey is not unique in this regard but Alan highlights (in this interview) his concerns about the long promised Jersey Inquiry which already seems to be denying participation to those most affected – the survivors.

If there is abuse taking place today in Jersey care homes, hospitals, schools or the prison, who would respond to it or report it?

The instances of institutional abuse – sexual and physical – regularly reported in the UK press are just the tip of the iceberg.
It is unrealistic to suppose that such abuse does not still take place here and now in this Island.

Anybody reading this with knowledge or experience of abuse in Jersey in the distant or more recent past - that has not been fully investigated – whether in hospitals, prison, schools or care homes etc., is invited to make contact with tom gruchy on this blog through the “comment” facility.
Any information will not be published and is confidential.
OR email   This is sought for research purposes by this blogsite.


  1. Tom, you should start looking into A.C.A.L....The Association of Child Abuse Lawyers.

  2. Following this interview we contacted Advocate Tim Hanson, the newly appointed President of the Jersey Law Society for a response.
    He has now emailed ""I have raised this with the committee but we would politely wish to decline the opportunity at this time."
    So no great surprise there so we offer the same open invitation to any of the other 250 or so Jersey lawyers to answer Allan Collins' comments...

    In the meantime we will be contacting those two other Jersey lawyers who also happen to be Senators (Le Marquand and Bailhache) with an all Island mandate on everyting - to see if they will answer or offer any other observations to the electorate "at this time."

    Stay tuned....