Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Dave Manning Jersey's own rebel with a cause wins again! Dave 5 Planning Dept 0

Above is our video interview with Dave Manning and Deputy John Young who helped him present his recent Complaints Board Appeal regarding Enforcement Notices served by the Planning Department...the video runs for about 18.5 minutes.

In a previous posting on 24 October we described the actual hearing at St John's Parish Hall and on Field 1007 - the scene of the "crime" that never was.

Now the Decision of the Complaints Board is published and its findings are in the public domain. The Planning Minister must decide what he intends to do about it - or more likely the staff that he and previous Ministers have trusted to administer the laws correctly and - according to these findings - failed so miserably to do.

It is doubtful if any heads will roll or Ogley bonuses collected as a result of this - but we are aware of many other decisions that have or are about to be made that ought to render some expensive jobs vacant in the near future.

Once again Deputy Duhamel appears as the fall guy. We don't think he is actually blameworthy for such administrative failures but do expecet him to deal with those who are...

On page 12 of the Report this finding from the Board appears ;

"If the department's normal practice on enforcement decisions since 2007 has in fact been as happened in this particular case, then the Board considers that all decisions taken in that way will have been impropery made."

This could be expensive for the taxpaying public when it comes to repairing the..

Happy Xmas

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    Ian's in-your-face "Shock Jock" style is not to everyone's taste but he has put a huge amount of time and effort into documenting travesties on this island.

    His archiving of selected "Jersey Evening Propaganda" articles is a public service in itself and is valuable to today's islanders and tomorrow's historians alike.

    Some of us would prefer if he put his works on "chemtrails" and global issues on a separate linked blog as this could detract from the value and impact of his local work.

    Anyways we were worried, and it is great to have the indomitable 'Rough Diamond' back :-)