Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jersey Trades Unions and Employers - a discussion - Anne Southern and David Warr

In this video Anne Southern, teacher and Trades Unionist, discusses with  employer David Warr some matters of mutual interest regarding wage negotiations etc. Why is there so often aggravation around the negotiating table? Where does the hostility come from - after all we are all in the same Jersey boat, trying to survive in a hostile climate....
The video plays for about 26 minutes.

As always we invite anybody with something to say to submit their comments in the space provided  - or make contact if you want to record a video of your own.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Mike" Le Cornu interview part one May 2013 - "Seeking Liberation in Jersey"

"Mike" Le Cornu left Jersey in 1965. Here he describes his evolving life before and during the Occupation and the process by which he became politicised.

This is  part of a project to record and promote the "other history" of Jersey that tends to be overlooked in so many official publications.

Those who campaign for change deserve to be recognised and applauded alongside  the conservatives who resist reform yet seem to receive all the official praise and awards.

Further extracts from this video will appear in due course together with interviews with some of his compatriots and those who continued with their reforming efforts after Liberation in 1945.
More information will be researched and published about those from the more distant past too who have walked the same lonely Jersey path of dissent. If you have any knowledge or photos etc please make contact and share it with us...

On Saturday 28 September the Island will have the  opportunity to celebrate and remember some of those from the pages of Jersey history who have been forgotten or not been previously acknowdged as part of the first official "Jersey Reform Day".

This site is dedicated to those brave Jersey people who initiated change back in 1769 and all those such as Mike Le Cornu who have followed in their footsteps.

It is hoped that 28 September might be a day of music and enjoyment with a dash of education amd contemplation. Volunteers and contributions  and offers of support are needed NOW.
Full details will appear on this and other blogs in due course but in the meantime condider what Mike has to say here.
This video is about 24.5 mins.