Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jersey Trades Unions and Employers - a discussion - Anne Southern and David Warr

In this video Anne Southern, teacher and Trades Unionist, discusses with  employer David Warr some matters of mutual interest regarding wage negotiations etc. Why is there so often aggravation around the negotiating table? Where does the hostility come from - after all we are all in the same Jersey boat, trying to survive in a hostile climate....
The video plays for about 26 minutes.

As always we invite anybody with something to say to submit their comments in the space provided  - or make contact if you want to record a video of your own.


  1. Excellent discussion and a credit to citizen media showing us what is missing in the Island's state media.

  2. Unfortunately Mike, neither is willing to address the real problem.. that government is a fat bloated leech parasiting on the backs of ordinary people. As that leech sucks more of the life blood from Jersey expect more problems to arise. It is tax and regulation which means there is less profit to share with the workers and it is tax which makes it harder for workers to live on a reasonable wage.

    Why is everyone so fearful of placing the blame fairly?