Saturday, March 22, 2014

Evelyn's continuing pain - and Jersey's shame continues....

We posted here on 17 November 2013 about Evelyn's fight to stay alive and her campaign to be relieved from pain using cannabis. We updated her initial interviews with a follow-up recorded in hospital (on the same blog) in January 2014.

Now Deputy Monty Tadier has asked some questions in the States assembly and the Attorney General is considering the legal implications. Although it seems that there is already legislation in place to allow cannabis to be prescribed locally for medical uses there is the usual official reluctance to admit this...

The two part interview posted below was recorded this week;


  1. "The Jersey Way" in all it's reprehensible disdain for the people of the island. Fair play to Monty for his efforts but he is up against one of the most heartless, subservient, brain dead dinosaurs the establishment have ever enlisted. Evelyn should just order some seeds and grow her own medication as God intended, and indeed, laid down in LAW. She has every lawful right to grow cannabis and so ease her own suffering.

    The despicable manner in which she is treated by Le Gresley's mickey mouse outfit is equally offensive. The moron's that run social security don't even know that it is a company, they are doing their very best to cut costs by making the people suffer when their job, as public servants, is to look after the people. Evelyn should be taking Le Gresley to court for breach of contract!!!

  2. Jersey should lead the way on this...far too many are too afraid to stand up, but as you know Cannabis is needed here, if my father was allowed Cannabis oil he would still be alive today. Shame on the powers that be. The persecution of users is a crime against humanity.
    We should be able to home grow for personal use.
    At the very least available on prescription.
    Why the hell am i paying my taxes here?

  3. why does eve have to live with such a bad condition on her own without any help or assistance from the social pay to go get her help that as needed , what do we all pay taxes for nowadays oh my god hello any one there if so wake up and help this poor jersey citizen who needs help and support I am almost totally unhappy to say I live in a place like this if we can get the help needed, I just don't know what to say other then WAKE UP YOU STUPID T|!$TS WE NEED SOME HELP you guys are rich enough to pay your way but some of us clearly aint !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!