Monday, July 28, 2014

Evelyn's home raided by Jersey Police searching for her medicine - on the "Lord's Day"....

Evelyn should be undergoing yet more surgery today (Monday 28th)  at the Jersey General Hospital.
Some of the details are included in the interview that follows. This was recorded yesterday in the Hospital café during a break from her treatments which were intended to put a line into her body so that she could receive intravenous antibiotics.

Attempts to insert a line at home had failed (yet again) due to the poor state of Evelyn's veins from years of such attempts within the medical system.

One day perhaps we will publish a comprehensive account of Evelyn's extraordinary life, her years of life threatening treatments and the agonies of her body and her family circumstances...but now she faces yet more aggravation too for her "illegal" use of cannabis as her self prescribed medicine. The only effective remedy that she know to help control the pains of her many illnesses which allows her to do some of the things that most of us just take for granted....

Yesterday, early on Sunday morning, her home was raided by  no less than 5 States of Jersey Police Officers with a  Search Warrant under the Misuse of Drugs (J) Law.

The warrant was signed by Jurat Peter Morgan, a former Chair of the Samaritans in Jersey - which makes us wonder what knowledge he might have had to guide him about Evelyn's circumstances before he authorised this latest invasion of her life by "the forces of law and order."

He was also  an accountant and former chair of Abacus Ltd too before being chosen in 2004 by our elected States' representatives and other good and great people within this little community to serve as a Jurat. But whose interests are really served by such actions?

The interview that follows explains many things but Evelyn has much information stored up in her tiny six stones body and brain and some of it is truly illuminating the conviction for possessing cannabis many years ago when Ian Le Marquand - currently a Senator and Home Affairs Minister with responsibility for the Police in Jersey - was the Magistrate.

That tale must wait for another day - but it demonstrates just how the same few people seem to dominate the government and administration of this Island year after year - and they resolutely refuse to modify the rules on such issues as the use of cannabis for medical purposes.
Whilst at the same time this 100,000 population community of Jersey has the highest known consumption of alcohol  per cap virtually anywhere in the world - and we suffer all the health, crime and social problems that stem from it...

Evelyn's interview follows:

Good luck in surgery today Evelyn.


  1. My God, what a revolting disgusting cess-pit of an excuse for a society we poor people in jersey live in....


  3. ALL elected States Members were e-mailed with a link to this blog. ONLY Deputy Tadier has responded....time now 9.15 am 30 July...can we hope that time is running out for the others?

  4. Sorry but you appear to have missed the crucial point that Jurat Peter Morgan was also chairman of FNHC until he was appointed a Jurat.They are responsible as a charity for Health and Social Care in the island.A weak chairman, he stood down for Richard Pirouet who was responsible for the debacle with Ms.Huchet.!!! Says it all really - just puppets for the Establishment with the hope of getting a gong from the Queen.!