Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Romanian Ambassador Dr Ion Jinga and team in Jersey....8 September 2014...

Following a suggestion from Andreea Ghisoi and with support from Senator Philip Bailhache and his staff, the Romanian Ambassador in London - Dr Ion Jinga - and his diplomatic team visited Jersey this week.

There were several meetings - including an open one held at the Town Hall - so that matters of mutual interest could be discussed and explored in public.

Below are some video recordings of the public part of the proceedings posted here so that local residents, whether Romanian or otherwise have a chance to know what took place etc.

It is hoped that an Association might now be formed in Jersey to further promote the links with the London office of the Romanian Embassy etc. This could be useful in the encouragement of all sorts of links between Romania and Jersey and the eventual appointment of a local Honorary Romanian Consul....

The public meetings commenced with a lively discussion in the overflowing Committee Room of the St Helier Town Hall....

Part one

Part two

Dr Jinga and Constable Crowcroft introductions in the Town Hall

Interview with Cosmin
Interview with Gabriel a visiting Romanian Orthodox Priest

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