Monday, July 28, 2014

Evelyn's home raided by Jersey Police searching for her medicine - on the "Lord's Day"....

Evelyn should be undergoing yet more surgery today (Monday 28th)  at the Jersey General Hospital.
Some of the details are included in the interview that follows. This was recorded yesterday in the Hospital cafĂ© during a break from her treatments which were intended to put a line into her body so that she could receive intravenous antibiotics.

Attempts to insert a line at home had failed (yet again) due to the poor state of Evelyn's veins from years of such attempts within the medical system.

One day perhaps we will publish a comprehensive account of Evelyn's extraordinary life, her years of life threatening treatments and the agonies of her body and her family circumstances...but now she faces yet more aggravation too for her "illegal" use of cannabis as her self prescribed medicine. The only effective remedy that she know to help control the pains of her many illnesses which allows her to do some of the things that most of us just take for granted....

Yesterday, early on Sunday morning, her home was raided by  no less than 5 States of Jersey Police Officers with a  Search Warrant under the Misuse of Drugs (J) Law.

The warrant was signed by Jurat Peter Morgan, a former Chair of the Samaritans in Jersey - which makes us wonder what knowledge he might have had to guide him about Evelyn's circumstances before he authorised this latest invasion of her life by "the forces of law and order."

He was also  an accountant and former chair of Abacus Ltd too before being chosen in 2004 by our elected States' representatives and other good and great people within this little community to serve as a Jurat. But whose interests are really served by such actions?

The interview that follows explains many things but Evelyn has much information stored up in her tiny six stones body and brain and some of it is truly illuminating the conviction for possessing cannabis many years ago when Ian Le Marquand - currently a Senator and Home Affairs Minister with responsibility for the Police in Jersey - was the Magistrate.

That tale must wait for another day - but it demonstrates just how the same few people seem to dominate the government and administration of this Island year after year - and they resolutely refuse to modify the rules on such issues as the use of cannabis for medical purposes.
Whilst at the same time this 100,000 population community of Jersey has the highest known consumption of alcohol  per cap virtually anywhere in the world - and we suffer all the health, crime and social problems that stem from it...

Evelyn's interview follows:

Good luck in surgery today Evelyn.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Alan Collins interview and the UK connection with child abuse Inquiries

We interviewed Alan Collins the UK lawyer just one month ago (21 June on this blog).
Today he presented an initial oral submission on behalf of the Jersey Care Leavers Association before the Jersey Independent Care Inquiry - which has now started its work to investigate child abuse in Jersey from 1945 to date.

Here we discuss with Alan matters mostly with regard to the many Inquiries that are taking place or are planned in the UK and we note that a group of UK MPs (including John Hemmings) has today tabled in an Early Day Motion (EDM) that the Prime Minister should extend the TOR of his Inquiry to include Jersey and St Helena.....

The interview that follows is in two parts of about 8 minutes each.

Part One

Part Two

The Jersey Independent Care Inquiry can be contacted:
Freephone from Jersey 0800 735 010
International +44 (0) 1534 828790

POB 551
St Helier

Anybody with any information about child abuse or related matters should contact the Inquiry.
There is a trained facilitator (Barbara) and the Inquiry offers free, independent witness support on or off the Island.

Friday, July 4, 2014

"Reform Jersey" - first political party since 1204 registered on 4 July 2014 in the Royal Court - (Samedi Division on a Friday)

Today was Independence Day for about 200 million citizens of the USA. They have enjoyed democratic institutions such as political parties since 1775 when they broke away from British Colonial control...
the process of reform moves more slowly in the Channel Islands but today - 4 July - the Reform Jersey party was registered in the Royal Court.
Apparently the first ever party to be officially recognised in this way although there were vaguely organised parties in the distant  past and some more recent attempts - and of course there are dozens of quasi-political organisations in Jersey today that campaign for or promote policies on many overtly political issues....

The following 3 videos of about 7 minutes each were recorded today. They commence in the Royal Square under the gaze of the golden statue of King George II and the Royal coat of arms that decorated the Royal Court on 28 September 1769 - now remembered by some as "Jersey Reform Day"...when political views were presented in a memorably direct way.

Deputies Southern, Tadier, Le Cornu and Mezec - the founding fathers of the new Party - posed for a photo under the Royal gaze with several supporters.  Three of the Deputies then entered the Royal Court (sitting in the States Chamber) for a simple registration ceremony before the Bailiff and two Jurats etc. along with other more usual Court matters such as the swearing of oaths by Parish officers and suchlike...

The accredited media is also seen interviewing Deputy Mezec with former States member Ted Vibert who was part of a previous, recent political party that existed and failed before the registration process existed...

The videos also feature Deputies Tadier, Mezec and Le Cornu in a three part interview...
1st Part follows below;

2nd Part;
 3rd Part;

Shortly after the Royal Court ceremony I bumped into two other Deputies - progressives by Jersey standards - in the Royal Square and asked if they might be joining the new Party.
The first thought it unlikely but he had not been invited.
The second, walking with his wife, was immediately and generously bombed by a pigeon - but nevertheless thought it unlikely too as he preferred to remain "independent"...whilst mopping up the excrement...

Anybody remember the late Mr Besson aka Bisson who used to hang around the Square some years ago feeding the birds in order to do just this very thing....I wonder if he was reincarnated as a pigeon...