Friday, February 13, 2015

Alan Collins : English lawyer in Jersey 12 February 2015 (INTRODUCTION)

We have been interviewing Alan Collins for several years in connection with his role as a lawyer representing survivors of abuse as children in Jersey. This is our latest update.

His role is unusual because Jersey has its own legal system and local lawyers. So he is an "outsider" but brings a vast knowledge gained world-wide in this difficult area of law.

This interview takes place against the background of the continuing Independent Jersey Care Inquiry for which future funding is now in some doubt.

Originally costed at £6 millions the suggestion now is that £20 millions might be necessary. Will the Inquiry budget be capped - who will decide?

Even if the Inquiry is fully funded and arrives at some form of conclusions - then what? Is there any evidence that such Inquiries achieve anything and how might young people be better protected.

Alan Collins is now a Partner with English lawyers Hugh James and based in London:

The editing of the video interview that follows was assisted by

Previous interviews with Alan Collins can be found on this Tom Gruchy blogsite.

An introduction to the full interview follows. The original is considered too long so it is being further edited. It will re-appear soon with additional discussion of some of the main points....this clip is about 8 minutes long:

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