Monday, March 16, 2015

Madalina looking at the wider world from Jersey....some views from a new British migrant...

We are promised a Jersey Population debate soon that will examine issues of Immigration and Emigration.
Similar issues are likely to dominate the May UK  General Election and the result there will have implications for Jersey.

Below is a two-part interview with Madalina who arrived in Jersey 7 years ago as a Romanian but departs this week as a Jersey/ British citizen.

Madalina raises issues that need to be discussed in the Jersey Population debates - but who might raise them? Who speaks for Madalina and ALL the others who are most affected by Jersey's "Population" controls....

Part One video;

Part Two;

Thanks and keep in touch Madalina

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  1. 5/to 6 years for Jersey/ British citizenship was it not ten years no wonder jersey is in such a in all in.RIP jersey