Thursday, October 8, 2015

Jilly Spruyt and Mongolian up-date Jersey October 2015

We met up with and interviewed Jilly Spruyt several years ago about her NGO activities in Mongolia.
Her work continues so we have recorded this up-date in Jersey.

Jersey's Overseas Aid Department is not currently funding her school building  and related projects but she continues to work with others such as a French group (described in the video that follows) and the Catholic Church etc but she always needs more money.

Now she is developing her Tours business to raise funds and many Channel Islanders have already visited this remote country with her.

See for more information or Mongolian Outreach Mission on Facebook to discover more and to make contact.

M.A.D. Mongolia Newswire is also an interesting site to look at - and if you want to invest in Mongolia you should look here first.

An interview  in two parts with Jilly follows - watch both.

Part One above

Part Two above....

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