Saturday, April 30, 2016

Guernsey - Election Day 27 April it really any different from Jersey?

The following are interviews etc recorded on Guernsey Election Day 2016.
My thanks to all who co-operated;

Guernsey CM Jonathan Le Tocq returned with 1,342 votes in Castel Parish. He says he will now seek the job of "Foreign Minister" similar to that for Jersey
Part One above and Part Two below;

Russell Le Conte below was not elected in Castel and received 241 votes;
Caroline McManus below was supported by UNITE the Union and received 765 votes in St Peter Port North but was not elected - Part One;

Caroline McManus Part Two below;

Bob Lanning of UNITE the Union interviewed in 2 parts - Part One below;
Bob Lanning of UNITE - Part Two below;
3 Guernsey voters below from about 30,000 who were registered;
Some collapsed Guernsey glass - a sign of a collapsing agri-sector? - below;
William Le Marchant - the former autocratic smuggling Bailiff from the 18th century -
gone but not forgotten (below) ;

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