Tuesday, April 18, 2017

E-Gov, Deputy Wickenden and the States of Jersey Way....

I was very interested in Deputy Scott Wickenden's Proposition on E-Petitions - especially since he is the Assistant Minister for E-Gov.
So I tried to contact him  - by phone and e-mail - to discuss it and to record a video but no response.
So I went ahead without him and recorded this e-interview which I copied to Greffier Egan and invited him to circulate it to all elected States Members.
He declined saying I must do so myself. So much for E-Gov.
So I copied it to 32 of the 49 elected States Members - of these just 2 responded (by email) namely Deputies Hilton and McDonald.

I hope that the E-Petition Proposition will be approved by the States when it is debated since it is important that the public does not have to depend upon on such unreliable representatives to be heard.

Roll on the next election - shame Jersey will not be joining with the UK on 8 June this year....


  1. Wickenden is a complete waste of time who holds a position highly above his very limited abilities. He didn't even get enough signatures to be elected in the first place.

  2. Perhaps he has moved following a financial contra temps with Voisins Rentals a few weeks ago , and has yet to transfer his phone or something like that.
    Although he does do a good eInterview ��