Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Evelyn, the medical use of cannabis in Jersey, Blue Islands airline and the locked toilet policy...

We interview Evelyn from time to time and are very pleased that Health Minister Green has at last agreed to support the medical use of cannabis in Jersey.

This is something that Evelyn has campaigned for over many years - using up energy which could be better used on fighting to retain her own health.

So it's a good news day - but as explained in this interview - products such as "Sativex" do not help Evelyn because her body does not absorb the effective ingredients in this form.

She knows that processed cannabis is an expensive waste so far as she is concerned whilst the plant which can be grown so simply and cheaply, does help her - but will remain illegal.

Evelyn hopes that other products might be sourced that will help her and we hope that Minister Green will initiate further enquiries to be made.

We also hope that the Minister will look afresh at transport arrangements between Jersey and UK hospitals and the standards of service provided by  Blue Islands airline as experienced by Evelyn

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