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Nominations for Jersey Parish Constables in the 2014 election


Ref: PFOI-2017-1018

16 October 2017


It would be appreciated if you supply the names of all those who nominated or proposed Constables for the 2014 election in each of the 12 Parishes.



Parish Candidates for Connétable - October 2014 election Proposers:
St Brelade Stephen William Pallett Exempt under Article 23 of the Freedom of Information (Jersey) Law 2011.
St Clement Leonard Norman Maureen Olive Hamel, Alan J Le Breton, Trevor K Le Sueur, Terence John Le Main, Jean Beryl Chapman, Norma Jean McNeice, Robert Arthur Youngs, Allyn Costandine Reid, Lynne Christine Hind and David William Peacock.
Grouville John Edward Le Maistre Mark Labey; Sharon Eddie; David Morgan; Nicholas Parlett; John Le Gresley; Helen Isobel Chambers; Alfred Paisnel; Kay Viney; Christopher Renouf; Drew Livingston.
St Helier Alan Simon Crowcroft Clive Neil Stewart Barton MBE; Stewart Mourant; Magdalena Chmielewska; Pierre Francois Horsfall; Andre Domenico Ferrari; Stephanie Claire Nicolle; Iain MacFirbhisigh; Manuela Vieira; Eliot Lincoln; James Roy Spriggs.
St John Christopher Hugh Taylor Michael Robottom; Edith Ann Pulley; James Wade Godfrey; Gwen Batho; Jeanette Bailhache; James Maxwell Allan; Michael Coutanche; Mick Rondel; Rita Pinel; Emma Bennett.
St Lawrence Deidre Wendy Mezbourian Brian Philip Raffray; Caroline Lyette Evans; Margaret June Howard; Christine Eve Journeaux; Gerald John Le Brun; Susan Elizabeth Kerley; David Edward Le Cornu; Derek Philip Le Maistre; Alfred Stanley Pipon; Alan Paul Reed.
St Martin Michel Philip Sydney Le Troquer Raymond Leslie Le Cornu; John Gerard Poole; Trevor Francis Green; Norma Batchelor; Madelene Marie Le Corre; Judith Fiona Eden; Percival Charles Gicquel; Daniel Anthony Mahony; Alan Edward Mollet; Leslie Allo.
St Mary Juliette Gallichan
Anthony James Gilbert; Kiran Patel; Gordon Herve; Colin Archibald Storm; Anthony John Staples; David Vincent Langlois; Clare Duval; Emma Bennetts; Margaret Lily Baudains; Terence Graeme Gallichan.
  John Michael Le Bailly
Stephen Cole; John Clarence Huelin; Kenneth Raymond Le Marquand; Alan John Moullin; Cynthia Mary Cotillard; Alan Victor Le Breton; Robin Noel Pittman; Martin de Gruchy; Ivor Eldon Barette; Peter Le Rossignol.
St Ouen Michael John Paddock Edward John Syvret, Valerie Remon, Ronald John Vibert, Basil George Carre, Michelle Gail Cuthbert, Doreen Schofield-Fost, Laurence Armstrong, Neville William Bell Briggs, Jane Alison Reed, Brian David Padfield.
St Peter John Martin Refault David Edward Payn, Martin John Willing, Kathleen Isobel Dougan, Clifford Alfred Blanchet, Jean Margaret Vibert, Gordon Pollock, Christine Amanda Tostevin, James Osmund Simon, Neville Henry Renouf, David William Drage.
St Saviour Sadie Anthea Le Sueur-Rennard Steven Laffoley-Edwards; Barry de la Mare; Lisa Frances Cantrell; Lynda Le Gallais; Anne Teresa Garnier; Anthony Philip Stevens; Maureen Ann St. George; Jamie Roy Laffoley-Edwards; John Etienne; Robert Charles Duhamel.
Trinity Philip Bond Le Sueur Frederick John Benest; Philip Joesph Austin; Lewis John Rondel; William Peter Corson; Peter John Davis; Mary Elizabeth Dunford; Brian George Dorey Richardson; David Owen Reynolds; John Hedley Moulin; Andrea Howell.

St Brelade declined to provide info for the FOI list - so it had to be extracted from the Parish Web-Site
St Brelade  Constable Stephen William Pallett; Proposer Julian Alexander Bernstein ; Seconders - Derek Roy Hart, Edward Le Gros, Colin Bichard, Joy Rachel Hart, Maureen Morel-Orchard, John William Trafford, James Bevis, Michael Amy and Gordon Wright

NB The only contested election was at St Mary so there are 2 candidates for Constable and Juliette Gallichan was elected.

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