Saturday, September 14, 2019

How to make a socialist.... and end capitalism to save the world....

This blog is dedicated to my father William George Dun and all other socialists who have passed this way.
So far as I know, my father was not much interested in politics at all until Bristol was heavily bombed and much damaged during WWII. That was when he became a socialist I think
So Adolf and his supporters probably enlarged world-wide a political class that his absurd dream was intended to eliminate.

I guess that Norman Le Brocq's Socialist  political views were fermented during that same war too during the German Occupation of Jersey.

For may part, I seem to have inherited my father's political views but I am always curious to know how others became politically aligned - whether to the left or right or any other direction - and it is always especially odd when people maintain no interest in political matters at all.

Here I have recorded a discussion with two very different Jersey residents who are "Socialists." They explain how they formed their political views and how they confront the huge problems of today - especially that of "Capitalism.

The discussion was recorded in "Reg's Garden" in St Brelade. One day I hope he will overcome his shyness and be recorded too -  but anybody wanting to know more about his delightful garden can email him on reg[@] 
It is open to the public free of charge most days.

Below is the discussion recorded on 13 September 2019. It is about 20 minutes.

The participants are Gabriel Carter and Nigel Jones

Anybody who wants to be recorded to express their view should contact me on this blog.

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