Monday, September 23, 2019

Independent Jersey Care Inquiry Panel final report 23 September 2019 - A bang or a whisper?

Frances Oldham QC presented the final report of the  Independent Jersey Care Inquiry Panel today 23 September 2019  at St Paul's Centre, Jersey. This was a "two year review" of progress since their main Report was published.
She spoke for 90 minutes. This has been recorded and can be made available if there is enough interest.
The panel  - herself as Chair  plus Alyson Leslie and Sandy Cameron -  having worked on the problems of children in Jersey for 6 years. They will not return to consider further progress.

Prof Sandy Cameron CBE was available for interviews by the press and bloggers and appears below interviewed by Mike Dun. The interview has not been cut ;

Chief Minister Senator Le Fondre and Children's (and Housing) Minister Deputy Sam Mezec were also interviewed by Mike Dun. This interview is uncut and appears below ;

Alan Collins the English lawyer who has been prominent in representing and fighting for the rights of many children in Jersey for over a decade was interviewed and this appears below. This interview is also uncut and the sound is not perfect.


  1. If you find that the sound is not very good it can be improved by clicking on the YouTube sign on the bottom frame of the image

  2. Tom Gruchy.

    Independent Jersey Care Inquiry 2 year review PART ONE.