Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Denise Carroll MBE Candidate St Helier District 3 / 4 Jersey - October 2011

There are too few women in the States of Jersey so it is good to present this brief interview with Denise Carroll MBE who will run for election as Deputy in St Helier District 3 / 4 this October.

This is not intended as a complete election statement – it arises because Denise was awarded the MBE last year and this is our first chance to talk to her about that.

However, as with so many people who are motivated from personal experiences to consider political life as an elected representative, it is interesting to record her initial thoughts and we will try to return for an update before October.


  1. Denise Carroll wonderful caring woman.
    Will vote for her,so long as she is not standing as JDA

  2. Denise would be a good addition to the women in the States. The only capable and caring ones we haave currently are Judy Martin, Shona Pitman, Debbie De Sousa, carolyn Labey and the constable of St. Lawrence who I can't remeber the name of.

  3. I thank you both very much for your support. I actually left the JDA in 2005. If you have any other questions I would be happy to answer them.

  4. Who would you like to see as our next chief minister?
    We are a group of resident who would truly appreciate your answer.
    Thank you