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Senator Philip Ozouf is unusual among our Ministers insofar as he runs a blog-site and says that comment is encouraged – but he has not yet published my comment that follows below.

Unfortunately, it is obvious that he prefers to publish those submissions that agree with his views and postings which are, for the most part, sickly sweet PR and spin.

I submitted this comment on 7 August in response to his gushing praise of the trip that he and Senator Cohen recently made (at public expense) to Malta.

Philip Ozouf’s views on how wonderful the political set-up in Malta is and of the wonderful finance and gambling industries that are developing there are not echoed on the Maltese blogs or online news outlets. And there are an abundance of political and other scandals there that even our JEP would find hard to ignore.

So I have resorted to publish my comment here but would urge any readers to look at Sen Ozouf’s original posting on his blog too.
Sorry, but I can’t do the link.

August 7th 2011

Don’t want to be a Jeremiah but did you notice that Malta plans to expand its finance sector business from 12% of GDP now to 25% in 2015 with jobs for nearly 10,000. With all the dozens of finance centres around the world chasing the same money and rich clients I do wonder if there will be enough of the jolly dosh to go round?

Also, did you manage to help the Maltese authorities and their Italian friends with the search for the multi-millions of euros that have slipped out of the pockets of so many super-rich Romans via dubious company?

Apparently, many of the missing millions belonged to some unpleasant Calabrian mafia gangs and they want it back but it was last seen heading for Jersey, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the Virgin Isles and Bahamas. The files go back 15 years and there are at least 1,300 unhappy clients but the fraudsters have spilled the beans out of fear and are now locked up pending trial.

Also, how about the 500,000 euros speedboat robbery of one (of many) Maltese casinos a few months ago? – Cheeky eh! And the robbers seem to have got clean away. It’s not such a great surprise because Maltese lack of regulation of its gambling industry has been a bit of a scandal with dozens of gambling halls opened since 2007 under a “free for all” – with virtually no more licensing than a simple change of use from the Planning Office. No doubt Sen. Cohen was able to advise them on ways to clamp down under the planning laws?

Oh and how about the “Cyrusgate” scandal that is currently rocking Maltese government, policing and politics? Certainly makes any Jersey case look insignificant and how extraordinary that two RC priests have only just been jailed arising from child-abuse allegations that originated in 1993 but nobody would take any action.

Also, how amazing that Malta has only just agreed to introduce divorce whereas in Jersey we have already agreed to civil partnerships. Makes Jersey seem quite progressive doesn’t it? They did have a referendum though with a 53% vote pour – although the PM still voted against!

Am pleased to note that Dom Mintoff is still alive at 95 but was curious that one blog under says that the behaviour of the current government makes the violent thugs from previous times look harmless. What is that all about I wonder?

Devout Catholic PM Dr Monzi of course leads the Nationalist Party and Malta has a lively political party system.

One blog critic writes “the only things that keep the PM in his place are his regiment of recipients of exclusive tenders and his posse of political appointees.” Doesn’t sound like the Maltese system according to your Press Release (though I could not actually download the Maltese statement that you kindly posted on your blog)?

Obviously, different people interpret things in different ways so you might find the Maltastar and the Malta Independent online or the to be useful travel reading on your next trip on our behalf. Sorry I can’t do the links.

By the way, did you know that over 11,300 new homes were approved at the high point of the Maltese property boom but this had reduced to just 4,400 last year – a drop of 61% since 2007!
Seems like that particular bonanza is over and did you bump into Angelina Jolie acting as UNCHR ambassador?
It seems that Lyster Barracks is used as a detention camp for asylum seekers from Somalia, Ethiopia and other Saharan areas of N. Africa and they are not very happy with their situation.
Presumably they are not enjoying all the benefits of the business that you mention occurring between Malta and N. Africa?
Perhaps we should invite her to Jersey? Would be another good photo-opportunity for you and Sen Cohen and good publicity for Jersey.

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  1. Ouch!!! Well said. Perhaps you should send this to the JEP to publish?