Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Rose Colley - lawyer - INTERVIEW Senatorial candidate Jersey election 2011


  1. Mike, thanks for this interesting interview. You asked Rose Colley about accessibility to Jersey law. There have been recent changes to the website as a result of it joining the worldwide Free Access to Law Movement. All legislation is publicly available free of charge, as are all judgments from about 1999 of the Royal Court and Court of Appeal (except those dealing e.g. with children where confidentiality is required in the public interest). I don't know why you say you can't find any free material.

    You also asked about books on Jersey law. On the Institute of Law website (under the 'Jersey Law Course' tab), there is free access to detailed guides in pdf on more than 8 areas of Jersey law: Sources of Jersey law, Contract, bankruptcy, security, succession (i.e. wills and what happens if a person doesn't have a will), land law and conveyancing, civil procedure, criminal procedure, family law, trusts law and company law.

    The Institute also has a series of free lunchtime lectures on aspects of Jersey law starting at 1.05 pm. The next is by Advocate Tim Hanson on Tuesday 18th October on "Understanding the Human RIghts (Jersey) Law 2000".