Friday, June 8, 2012


There is an apparent theme to recent postings on this site which is not strictly intended.
Death is evidently featuring to a large degree so it is probably appropriate to post this video now on the "Wall of Death" show which made a rare appearance in Jersey during the June motoring festival.

That this should follow on from Ronnie Allan's tragic suicide, Chris Larner's remarkable play "An Instinct for Kindness", Liberation and Holocaust Memorial Days, Police use of Tasers rather than guns, the "Changing Places" report and Maurice Kirk's proposal to fly over Everest (height 26.000 feet) in his ancient Piper Cub (max ceiling 12,000 feet) - well it must say or mean something....

I have no idea how many people have actually been killed on the "Wall of Death" since it was created in the USA before the 1st World War but I guess somebody will know. 

This particular display  has been run by the Messhams family for eighty years -
refer to
- for further details.

The music was playing at the time and has not been added so I trust that there are no issues of copyright....


  1. I swear I once saw George Formby do this!

    (and he wasn't playing his little ukulele at the time)