Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More Maurice Kirk at large....

Maurice Kirk alias "The Flying Vet" has featured in several Jersey blogs in recent years and his own
site will fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

We caught up with him again in Brittany and made this brief recording to indicate his current activities and tentative and more certain plans for the future.

For previous CI threads you could look at for 10 December 2010
or for 20 May 2010.

Glad to see him looking so well and obviously still active in his campaigning on so many issues but we will probably only attach a camcorder to the aircraft for the Everest venture.....


  1. Hahaha, Maurice is a class act.

  2. Tom Gruchy.

    It is good to see Maurice looking so well after the ordeal he has been through.

    Here is the LINK to your interview with him in December 2010.

    Here is the LINK to the interview with him from May 2010.

  3. Wow! ‘The Flying Vet’ it’s nice to hear the Everest campaign:) and cant wait for more, I am eagerly waiting to watch that video.

  4. Doesn't sound very insane to me! :)

  5. Maurice writes that he wrecked his car en-route to the car ferry and had to be rescused from a ditch - for a fuller account see his flyingvet. blog......

  6. Fascinating character - I remember reading about Maurice and his "exploits" when he lived in Taunton