Friday, September 21, 2012

Constable Len Norman - St Clement, - in favour of some Jersey Reform

Following the interview with Constable Steve Pallett of St Brelade we now offer this posting from St Clement.

What is immediately apparent is that although Constable Pallett's previous political career had been supportive of reform it is Constable Norman - traditionally a conservative - who now promotes more change.

So Len Norman's views, as the only one of the twelve existing Constables, who thinks that they should not also be returned "ex officcio" to the States are especially important.

Life is full of such surprizes.

We took the opportunity to discuss other Parish matters too with Constable Norman and he is unique as the only current Member of the States who has served as Deputy, Senator and Constable.

St Clement as the smallest of the twelve Parishes also has a population of 10,000 - second only to St Helier - but has very little commercial activity. The Parish is predominently given over to housing.

If any other Constables would like to be interviewd for this series - please get in touch.


  1. Hi Tom.

    Fare play to Constable Norman, a well balanced interview well done.


  2. The interview with Constable Pallett of St Brelade appeared on this blog on 6 September 2012.
    An earlier interview of 27 February 2012 afforded an opportunity for Constable Crowcroft to sit on the is possble that he has fallen off by way or the other...

  3. tom its a shame you did not ask how much money is spent on the c.o,s and senteniers like having free meals at the shakespeare hotel when some of the old in st clement go hungry all paid for by the rate payers of the is no longer an honorary as they get paid in other ways and some are in it for greed.