Monday, September 24, 2012


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This strange advertisement appeared in today's JEP and is the latest episode in the long saga of the Les Pas Holdings mystery. Those with long memories will recall this throwback from Jersey's feudal past which rose out of the legal swamp to enrich a few individuals by many £millions of public money...

The general public thought that feudalism and the spectre of ancient seignorial  rights had long since been consigned to the history books but Advocate Richard Falle and a few others were one step ahead of the average Jersey country boys and girls and made a killing.

This advert has been placed by Barrie Copper - who, - so it seems - is the ONLY person left in Jersey still challenging the decisions that were made when the States threw in the legal towel and handed over a cheque by way of compensation or something similar to the smart guys.

Senator Dick Shenton was responsible for the petition published in the JEP in 2003 referred to in the advert above which was signed by 7,224 residents who wanted a different outcome.

As always they were ignored by this Jersey government which had been so badly advised.  As per usual, nobody in government or the Crown Offices was blamed and the reclaimed land was soon sold to developrs and built upon.

Whether the infilled land was contaminated and who would pay for its cleansing was all part of the mystery deal that was made at the time but what the long term implications are for this development and the rest of the land on the Waterfront is still not clear. Nothing seems to change and we now want another reclamation site to bury our toxic waste materials according to Planning/Environment Minister Duhamel!

Harcourt Ltd under various names are due back in the court to sue the Treasury and States this Thursday 27 September "for a substantial sum etc" following their failed development activities on the troubled Waterfront - but they failed to appear at the initial hearing.

In 1769 of course the court was taken over on 28 September by several hundreds of dissenting Jersey residents who demanded all sorts of reforms....

Further details of the Les Pas Holdings Ltd saga can be found in Proposition P117 of year 2000 but as Barrie says in his advert, the case is officially closed - nothing further can be done now!!!

Shall any of our 51 elected representatives be contacting Barrie Cooper to discuss this with him or shall any be brave enough to re-open this mysterious file?

Answers please on parchment with a wax seal to prove authenticity...

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