Saturday, November 17, 2012

Electoral States Reform - A Senator, a Constable and a Deputy...

Don't know what is going wrong today but my text has gone AWOL but this is a two part video discussion with three States Mambers - a Senator (Sara Ferguson with an all Island vote of 8,576), a Constable (Steve Pallett of St Brelade 1,999) and a Deputy (Roy Le Herissier, St Saviour 764). If I can resolve some of the posting difficulties I will do so later but in the meantime I thank the participants for their time and Neil for his camera/ recording and we shall see what happens....


  1. Tom Gruchy.

    Credit must be given to yourself, Senator Ferguson, Deputy Le Herissier and Constable Pallet for bringing an informed political discussion/debate to the online community.

    This kind of political debate is only available on Blogs (Jersey's only independent media) which will attract more and more viewers as more and more of our politicians, and viewers, start to realise the benefits of Citizens Media which offers in-depth discussion and reporting as opposed to the 30 second sound-bytes offered by the State Media.

    The format was good, in that, the politicians were able to discuss issues amongst themselves which helped the flow of debate. Regardless of their views, on the political matters, the three politicians should be thanked for their participation, openness, frankness, willingness to engage with Citizens Media thus making themselves, and their views, available to the public.

    Let's hope that more of our elected representatives will start to see the benefits of Citizens Media where we are able, and willing, to offer them a service the State Media can't/don't/won't.

  2. The dissection of a criminal system PART 6

  3. Set Menu of the Day, we have deep fried TAX HAVEN for starters, followed by SLICES OF SUPPRESSION for main course, and a delightful dollop of DECEPTION for afters....

  4. Hi Tom.

    I've put up the Audio of Deputy Judy Martin's Debate to stop the Relocation of the Police HQ going to Green Street car park.

    I've put it up because I think this debate & the ones to follow "which I will also Record & publish" show's everyone the incompetence of our Ministers to do anything Right.

    I just can not Believe they want it there! & they are going to pull every trick in the book, to get there way.

    You & your readers can listen to the Debate HERE

    I think its a classic already, with a couple of Deputy's Martin straight to the point, no messing Statements. I know its long but if you just do it in parts, you'll get there in the end.

    Got the Remember Tom Gruchy Debate will put that up in the next few days.