Monday, November 5, 2012

The Privy Council - Jersey's ancient second chamber still active in 2012...

Click on the images above for a better view - but they are rather feint.

Just to show that old relationships with the UK are still alive in 2012, I post these two decisions from the Privy Council in response to a petition sent on 30 July 2011.

The matters petitioned about were the new Housing and Work (J) Law and the Register of Names and Addresses (J) law which will now be activated after next February.

"Any person" studying the proposed laws would/should be concerned about the possible Human Rights implications of these laws but in an Island where the rights of "outsiders" are secondary to the perceived privileges of so called "locals" such discrimination does not raise many eyebrows. But of course these laws will have profound implications for everybody in the Island who is not already tucked into a comfortable grave.

That it has not attracted much sympathy from the Privy Council is not surprising either since this is hardly a democratically elected body with a sharpened perception of the protection of rights - either in the Channel Islands or the more far flung outposts of the old empire.

Now it is fullspeed ahead to implement these absurd laws and we shall all soon be carrying our very own personal ID cards which will declare our housing and work status and where we live besides all sort of other hidden data no doubt over time.

The Corporate Services Panel under Chair Sen Ferguson has already put a Part 2 review of these proposals on its agenda (which  TOR can be seen on their site) but there is no intention, as yet, to invite public comment or participation.

We should ALL be very concerned. To save anybody actually waking too quickly from their slumbers the other members of the Panel are:
Deputies Reed , Rondel and Power, and Constables Murphy

Why not give them a call and ask for further informtions about the review and how this legislation will affect YOU....on the other hand, what's on telly tonight.

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  1. New World Order coming into it's own, lets hurry up and get every "person" registered (contracted with government) so we can control them some more!!!

    Everyone should refuse this contract as it will spell disaster for those who cannot understand the consept of what exactly is going down here!!! The link below should give you a hint :)

    The results of CAPTAIN BRIDGET SHAW'S latest Pillage & Plunder Sailing!!!