Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Senator Farnham on Jersey Justice and Electoral Reform

Video One of about 12 minutes features Senator Farnham discussing his Proposition 120 (of 2012) which outlines the possible creation of a Ministry of Justice for Jersey.
There is more to this suggestion than is obvious at first glance and such a Ministry could have wide-ranging benefits if set up with reform in mind.

Senator Farnham stops short of challenging the role of the Bailiff and other Crown appointmnets and he also discusses here the related issues under the "Troy Rule" if another Ministry is to be formed.
This is related to the electoral reforms which are discussed in the second video that follows here.

Video Two of about 7 minutes features the Senator discussing the final reforms as suggested by the Electoral Commission last week.
He is still considering what to do about the role of Senators in a reformed States and has it in mind to continue with a campaign to resist the changes as proposed or at least amend the public Referendum so that an option to "leave things as they are" is included etc.

The annoying background hum is from a fan (extract not supportive). Ars longa vita brevis...

Our thanks to Senator Farnham for his time.

We are pleased to consider any requests from States Members or others who have a point of view to express in a video interview.


  1. Hi Tom.

    Just put up the Audio from this mornings States meeting, you know Questions without Answers.

    Question 13 was quite interesting if you know what I mean, some people who should of Known said they didn't put said I think a little more then they wanted, If you Know what I'm talking about of course.

    Have a Listen HERE


  2. Questions without answers turns into complaint against MIKE BOWRON

  3. "Ian Le Marquand, a very fair man"

    What planet is Farnham on? Has he not listened to a word this last four years?

  4. Looks like Roy Le Herrisier has got some serious competition. The fence can only has room for one.