Thursday, January 3, 2013

Guernsey leading on disability issues and so much more....?

Shelaine Green of the Guernsey Disability Alliance is interviewed here about some very positive progress regarding disability matters in Guernsey which make Jersey's achievements look somewhat meagre.

Shelaine is not so critical of Jersey but the simple fact is that Guernsey now has;

An elected representative in the States chosen by public election as the champion for disability issues - currently Deputy Gollop (see previous blog posting).

A dedicated civil servant for disability issues on a 5 years contract.

An agreed comprehensive Disability Strategy - which includes international obligations - to be submitted to the States for approval in May.

Shelaine Green came to the Disaibility Alliance via Headway Guernsey and the Disibility Forum.
The Alliance represents 34 different disability charities of all sorts plus individuals. It aims to speak with one voice to the States.

Show me anything remotely similar in Jersey and I will eat my hat.

Please come back Gill Curtis MBE - Jersey needs you.

Will any Jersey States member  volunteer to be the champion for disabled people here?
Form a queue please....