Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Jersey's battle of the little big yawn - aka Option "C"s last stand...

Ever since 24 April 2013 the PRT - Post Referendum Trauma - has been evident among some States Members but there is remarkably little enthusiasm for the resulting "Option B victory" anywhere in the Island.

Even Senator Bailhache seems to have found more Godly pursuits to occupy his attention.

Whether the "Option A Team" will regroup to continue the campaign has yet to be seen but in the meantime Senator Lyndon Farnham is continuing to resist the "B" outcome.
Here with fellow supporter Deputy John Le Fondre he explains current thinking.

"Option B" is not yet a done deal....

The video below runs about 16.5 minutes.


  1. Unless some A supporter in the States tables an amendment the debate will be between options B and C. The keep the constables campaign wins either way. The question is whether to go for broke, or try to find a compromise, as in compromise

  2. I can feel it coming in the air tonight....OH LORD!!!