Thursday, December 12, 2013

Do you want Jersey Royal potatoes with your Xmas lunch? Hear what William Church has to say on the matter...

This interview with William Church of the Jersey Royal Company is a follow on from that posted here on 23 March this year.

Then the ground was waterlogged and today the fog was thick and as William Church explains this season was "not pretty" - farmers speak for miserable we suspect - as was last year's.

As before by the time you have watched this video your Jersey Royals will be boiled and ready to eat (about 21 minutes)...if you have any.

William does not want any political intervention and suggests that the growers will battle with the weather and the market to put the spuds into your cooking pot - but we are not so optimistic.

There did not seem to be much political clout at the recent farming conference (which William did not consider worth attending) so who will fight the corner of the industry is anybody's guess.

Sentiments that protect agriculture simply because the industry keeps the countryside looking green are wearing a bit thin - especially since the Green Zone is no longer sacred.

My views that the island population needs many thousands of new dwellings are not supported by those who are already housed thank you very much - but the reality for the 700 families on Deputy Green's urgent need for "social housing" list, or the unknown thousands seeking "affordable" accommodation in the private sector - not to mention the ever lasting 10,000 without housing quals.....

but its Xmas so let's not worry about all that....pass the mint sauce and tuck in...


for the company view on things or look at Jersey Royal Company on Youtube....


  1. Hahaha, I will be lucky to have any Christmas lunch!!!

  2. Mr Church says there is no payment from the States. Does he not get an area payment for each vergee as in ?

  3. I believe they do get payment per vergee,but have you noticed how much ground they don't plant in each field, all to do with the large machines they use, I have a 7 vergee field which I rent out to one of the large companies but they only plant about 5 vergees of this, the rest is left as tracks for the machinery and so the are being subsidized for tracks in each field. in my case 2 verges.