Friday, December 20, 2013

CHOW Xmas, politics, religion and drink - the essential mix for a reforming cocktail?

CHOW - Church House on a Wednesday - the spin-off discussion group from "Business Connect" hosted its final gathering of 2013 in a pub. It was very humorous and entertaining. Jokes were told, Food eaten and beer drunk. Hymns were sung.

What a pity that overtly political meetings cannot be similarly organised in Jersey - politics is fun.......

On the other hand the Xmas message so far as the Christian Church is concerned seems to this observer to become ever more confusing.
The antics of the Church Establishment and the raising of the independence flag over the Dean's activities become ever more bizarre by the day....

So here are a few words from Simon - a prominent supporter and organiser within the CHOW group - expressing his interpretation of the events of 2013.

He embraces the "political" side of the Church but whether this includes the intervention by the likes of  Senator Bailhache in the current "scandal" is not clear here. Perhaps a more sustained and targetted interview should be offered? Any volunteers from the Jersey Church to explain more fully what has been going on and what is proposed for the future?

And do any Jersey politicians have a word to express here on the role of the Church in Jersey and whether the Established C of E brand uniquely deserves funding from public revenues?

Volunteers should just make contact via the comment box....


  1. Hi Mike,

    Nice to see in your title you have kept the chi in Xmas. For the benefit of the few non greek-readers of your fine blog, chi is the 22nd letter of the greek alphabet, which looks like our "x".

    Chi is the first letter of Xristos, or christos - the greek word that means "anointed one", corresponding to the 2TJ concept "Messiah" which is a very political term.

    Merry Xmas to you and all your readers.

  2. Polticians seem singularly lacking in humour in Jersey, and take themselves far too seriously, with commendable exceptions of Mo nty Tadier, Len Norman and Richard Rondel who interject much needed notes of humour into debate.

    But where is someone as much fun as Ken Livingstone or Nigel Farage?