Friday, January 3, 2014

Bankrupted Jersey Deputies Shona and Trevor Pitman leave the States - but why...does anybody know?

It may seem a bit odd - but in the UK today Nick Griffin, an elected MEP declared that he will carry on until May, in spite of being declared as bankrupt for failing to pay his lawyers fees of £120,000.
Even then he proposes to stand again for election to the EU Parliament...
meanwhile in Jersey Deputies Shona and Trevor Pitman were immediately required to resign when their bankruptcy was confirmed in the Jersey Royal Court for failing to pay lawyers fees and is there something that needs to be looked at here - just what is the reason for "bankrupts" being barred from serving as elected representatives?

There have been other cases in other countries and a trawl on the Internet reveals some interesting recent and long ago instances of bankrupts in government. The subject certainly needs further examination and discussion in Jersey so the interview that follows with Sam Mezec and Nick le Cornu can serve to start that ball rolling....

That Nick Griffen is a BNP member might be viewed as unfortunate for thoseseeking a liberal view of such matters but his is a timely intervention nevertheless...

What happens now to Shona and Trevor Pitman is not known to this blog but we wish them well and thank them for their efforts in the States and with their electorates.
Some of the other related issues are discussed here too in this video which runs for 21 minutes.


  1. Whilst the lighting might be that of prison cell, the sound of water is not that dripping down the walls rather a dysfunctional fish tank. We do enjoy journalism in the raw, but perhaps the next time the location can be on a beach in Barbados (at taxpayers expense naturally)

  2. Well done Mike, you hit the bull's-eye right at 18.30 mins into the video. The only problem in any government is the intervention of the Law Society & Bar Association. Take these heathen parasites out of the equation and any government comprised of honourable and decent folk would work for the good of every man, woman, boy or girl.

    What the people still fail to understand is that the rules and regulations of the said parasites, ONLY APPLY TO the said parasites, and as myself and Cyril have proved on more than one occasion!

    Legalese is their language, and they had every right to invent that language for their own society, they have NO RIGHT to inflict it on anyone else without their consent. Unfortunately, most people are that ignorant of the legal system that they get suckered into consenting without even knowing they have consented.

    Voting at elections is giving consent to be governed as voting is a government owned franchise, and the government is a corporation! The quicker the people understand this, then more (hopefully) will stop voting, and thereby stop consenting to be bullied and robbed :)

  3. The back up for my above statement is right here on the first video of THIS LINK

  4. Nick, if you Sam, Trevor Pitman and Stuart Syvret gathered together politically you would make one hell of a force to be reckoned with.

    Ah, the impossible dream!