Saturday, June 21, 2014

Jersey Care Inquiry - is it already failing?

The following interview in two parts with Alan Collins the UK based solicitor-advocate is the latest in a series.
We think it important to be updated on his progress since he represents at least 59 victims of abuse in Jersey. He has been engaged over six years with these particular cases and so has a very useful knowledge to draw upon. Besides which he represents many other victims in other locations so has a most valuable insight into processes and proceedings in other jurisdictions.

Previous interviews were posted on this blog on 6 April 2014, 23 August 2013, 15 December 2012 and 16 August 2012.

The Independent Jersey Care Inquiry is now underway but as Alan Collins reveals it is faltering due to lack of witnesses coming forward. This may be the result of poor advertising by the Inquiry or due to other reasons.

Significantly the Chair of the Inquiry has declared that no submissions will be treated as "private". All written submissions will be posted on the Inquiry web-site. There will be no secrecy. It was also significant to hear her ruling that the States of Jersey Police and the Health Department must produce the documents requested.

The Inquiry contact details are;
Freephone from Jersey 0800 735 0100
International +44 (0) 1534 828798
PO Box 551, St Helier, Jersey JE4 8XN

Part One above - runs about 6 minutes

Part two above - about 6 minutes


  1. Tom Gruchy.

    A very informative and interesting interview and credit must go to Alan Collins for being willing to talk so openly. Perhaps you should ask the States Lawyers for an interview to see if they are as willing?

    You raised a number of good questions, not least the seemingly low media profile of the COI. Its last Press Release encouraged Victims/Survivors to come forward........But didn't include contact details on the Press Release. Considering there are FOUR media professionals employed by the Panel one would have thought such an omission would have been impossible?

    It is no surprise that National Journalists are unaware of the COI's existence because the COI media professionals have not advertised UK/world-wide in an attempt to make Victims/Survivors or ANYBODY aware of its existence.

    I'm not sure what the COI's media strategy is but "low key" seems to fit the bill. Why such a low key approach looks to have been adopted is the question that needs to be asked?

    Will the local State Media be asking that question, or questioning the COI's actions/inactions in any way shape or form or will it just be churning out the Press Releases totally unquestioned. The very sort of "journalism" that got this island in the sorry mess that it's in?

  2. Can I ask for a source quote for the statement that all written submissions will be made public? If this true it is at variance with the Inquiries own protocol. See paragraph 1 - Scope -

    This protocol establishes the procedures whereby the Inquiry has the ability to issue orders:
    1.1 Protecting the identity of a witness by ordering anonymity;
    1.2 Restricting the attendance at the Inquiry, for example by excluding a person or persons, or permitting evidence to be given privately;
    1.3 Restricting the disclosure or publication of any evidence or documents given, produced or provided to the Inquiry;
    1.4 Restricting the disclosure or publication of the identity of any person; and
    1.5 Putting in place special measures to protect and safeguard the well- being of witnesses.