Thursday, June 12, 2014

CHOW - 11 June 2014 with God's Dissenters

CHOW - Church House on a Wednesday - is  a regular forum for discussion on issues with a Christian basis.
This discussion is the latest part in a series considering the "future of the Church in Jersey" - assuming that it has a future. The four main speakers are non-Christians.

Last week the Dean of Jersey addressed the CHOW meeting and his talk is posted on Tom Gruchy YouTube in four parts on 4 June.

The dissenters this week were Deputy Sam Mezec, Ramsay Cudlipp (JEP), Juliet and Deputy Monty Tadier:

Part One above and most of  Parts two and three below feature mostly Deputy Mezec
Part two
Part three
Part four above is mostly Ramsay Cudlipp
Part five above features Juliet
Part six is Deputy Tadier.

Some questions from the audience have not been included due to poor sound quality and lack of space here. The meeting was chaired by Paul Millbank.


  1. Does anybody else see the hypocrisy displayed by JEP reporter Ramsay Cudlipp? He wouldn't support his football team if it covered up child abuse but he is happy to take a pay cheque from his newspaper who has done just that?

  2. Is ignorance a defense? Ramsay Cudlipp is a very decent young man who would not knowingly collude in the cover-up of child abuse yet sadly, he and many other decent people do not know the truth.

    It is perhaps amazing that such a young, inquiring mind does not way the evidence but I can only hope that those in charge of the JEP will have to account for themselves at the COI - Only then will some good but misguided people be educated by incontrovertible evidence.

  3. It was a very disappointing meeting. Nothing what so ever was gained by the meeting.