Sunday, January 22, 2017

Jersey Disability Partnership meeting 16 January 2017 - Public transport and other issues

This is a recording in four parts of the Jersey Disability Partnership meeting at the Salvation Army premises, St Helier on 16 January 2017.

PARTS one to three include a talk from Tristen Dodd of Infrastructure explaining about buses and taxis and related matters.

There is a short contribution from Nikki Withe of Liberty Bus at the end of Part Three with some information on the new Accessibility Card

Part four is an extract from the Committee meeting which discusses present and future plans for JDP and the relationship with ENABLE.

There is a short report at the end on a visit to the Jersey Airport and progress with regard to the installation of Changing Places toilets at the several  Ports of Jersey.

PART ONE Tristen Dodd on buses and taxis

PART TWO Tristen Dodd cont'd

PART THREE Tristen Dodd cont'd and Nikky Withe

PART FOUR  JDP Committee discussion

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