Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Social Housing in Jersey at an unsocial cost - will the "affordable housing shortage" ever end?

Andium Homes the "arms length" company that has taken over the role of social housing provider for Jersey Government has just refurbished a small block of two bedroom maisonettes at Clos de Sables, St Brelade
Originally built in the 1960s the block had major structural faults and Andium has made the building look better than it ever did - but the flats do not offer "lifetime homes" standards and at over £300 per week rent they are hardly "affordable" to many.

A few hundred metres away on the other side of Route Orange are some of the Island's more expensive private properties including the stylish 1930s Les Lumieres - alongside which a very large private dwelling is now being constructed.

So there is no shortage of money available in Jersey for new housing or to pay for old properties and this area of St Brelade could be  further developed or redeveloped to provide many housing units. But who should enjoy them....

Here Deputy Tadier discusses some of the many and complex issues relating to this area and other matters that can apply across the Island




  1. I lived there and had to move when they wanted to was only £234.a week.they moved me to the new flats by the airport where my rent is £282.a week.but they did pay for it to be carpeted and a bung of few hundred quid as a I need a parking permit which is £25...which when I went to andium to get it the girl told me I needed to tell her how big my van was?but I gave her the log book?maybe she couldn't read English?after that .contrators came in and did some work on the unfinished underground car park.&consequently got a large amount of cement grinding over the whole car park &most of it was on my motorbike.they did pay for it to be cleaned.

  2. Chris and David Le MotteeJanuary 26, 2017 at 6:08 AM

    We also moved from the Clos des Sable flats which was not our choice as we were told that we had to leave as they were renovating, we had to decorate before we moved out as we were told we would be charged if we didnt, and once we had moved they redecorated before letting a lady move in for under a year, they never gave us carpet we had to live with concrete for 2-3 months also we were not given ant compensation for having to leave our home after being there for 27 years. We had no help at all.

  3. mike i,m on income support and i get £199 per week once the rent come out from my income support i am left with £53 to pay for food rates jec and what ever else my pop up so yes the do pay some of the rent but £146 come from my income support.don,t get me wrong i,m not complaining but just so you know nearly all my income support goes on rent with very little to live on.