Sunday, February 18, 2018

What to do with Haut de la Garenne ?

The former Haut de la Garenne children's home has been used since 2011 as an Accommodation and Activity Centre.
The building can accommodate about 100 people and is registered under the Hostel category of the Jersey Tourism Law.
The building is listed as a Grade 4 example of a residential institution for its external appearance only. The interior has been extensively altered and modernised to suit its current purpose which is run by a local business for the owners - the States of Jersey Property Services Department - on a lease that currently expires in April 2019.
The building is within the Green Zone.

The business has spent a considerable amount of money improving the building and facilities.
Since 2012 the centre has provided accommodations and facilities for more than 35,500 bed nights. Many of the users are children with school groups from the UK and abroad but accommodation is available to small groups and families too.

Haut de la Garenne featured prominently in the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry which investigated extensive child abuse in Jersey since 1945 and Reported in July 2017.

That Inquiry recommended that Haut de la Garenne should be demolished among many other reforms..

This video was recorded on Sunday 18 February 2018 when the building was opened to the public over two afternoons.
It is intended to show something of the existing hostel facilities only without comment.
About 90 people visited over the two days.

The business owners have written to 47 States Members. 30 did not reply at all. Only a handful accepted their invitation to visit the building.
CM Gorst has not responded.

The question of what should be done with Haut de la Garenne has now been put out for public consultation from 8 February until 22 April 2018 through the Community and Constitutional Affairs Department. This can be contacted via

It seems that the adjacent building "Aviemore" does not form part of this consultation for reasons which are not clear.


  1. Your question only applies to people who use it today. The past can never be eradicated but I doubt survivors who were at HDLG go anywhere near it today. Out of sight out of mind.

  2. The related building is a later build and is used for respite care for children at Mont A L'Abbe.

  3. "That Inquiry [into child abuse]recommended that Haut de la Garenne should be demolished."

    All part of their brief to eradicate the history without treating the underlying causes of the corruption.

    Anyone who spoke out about the abuse was demolished.

    Simon Belwood, Stuart Syvret ........

    Nothing has changed and the crooks and spivs are still in charge.

  4. "It seems that the adjacent building "Aviemore" does not form part of this consultation for reasons which are not clear."

    I was doing a little research on the jersey evening propaganda blog as far as Avemore was concerned. I found a picture of paedo Saville there with a bunch of young kids at the link below.

    I also found Avemore mentioned in another paedo story on the same propaganda blog at the link below.

    Someone sane, tell me that there isn't a link to Avemore and paedophilia?