Tuesday, March 6, 2018

St Peter Jersey - Green Zone Housing Inquiry - Concluding addresses - 6 March 2018

This video records the concluding addresses from John Nicholson for the Jersey Planning & Environment Department and Carl Mavity for Andium Homes the applicant.
As always there was no sound system at the St Peter's Parish Hall so the quality of audio is not good.
It seems that our government and Parish departments are incapable of providing adequate audio facilities for such public "hearings"  and the UK Planning Inspector Nigel McGurk must have allowed it to proceed on this inadequate basis.
Presumably he would not have been allowed to do so in the UK....

Following these addresses the parties visited the site of the proposed housing development in fields 632 and 559 just across the road and the Inspector's decision will be issued in due course.

The Inquiry in public commenced at 9.30am on 5 March and concluded at about 4 pm on 6 March 2018.
There were about 20 males and 2 females of the public present besides the parties.

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