Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Deputy Roy Le Herissier in discussion with Graham Bisson

Roy Le Herissier is the sitting Deputy for St Saviour District 3 and will be offering himself for re-election on 19 October.

Graham Bisson lives in District 3 and here discusses various political issues with Roy.

The interview is posted in 3 parts and is about 30 minutes long in total.

We have contacted other candidates for election on 19 October and offered to interview them. Some have not responded but further recordings are planned.

If you are interested in being interviewed – either as a candidate or as a member of the public with a view to express – please make contact via the comment facility on this blog.


  1. I have just re-posted my blog on Senator Le Mains Magical Mystery Tour in St Helier District District Number 2

    Please read whilst playing the music provided



  2. Roy for Reform and Chief Minister!

  3. Jesus Nick what world are you living in, the chances of any non ozouf/walker/le sueur/le marquand/baillhache winning the chief minister position is beyond my imagination. But I admire your hope. Such a shame that the electorate might vote for Roy as the chief but the despicable fact is, we have no choice in that vote. And no matter who you vote for I suspect that what is said in any hustings will be different when they vote but who knows as its al done in secret. Total sham.

  4. It would be usefull to know how candidates voted on the big issues. Did your chosen candidate say I will not vote for GST or the Incinerator and then do the opposite hoping time would help the voters forget.

    Over 50 important States votes have been collated so a quick check is now easy.

    Voting by Politicans, a quick reference,