Tuesday, September 20, 2011

13 Applicants - 4 chosen = 9 Losers but who really wins an election?

At long last they are under orders for the first ever Jersey general election.
13 candidates lined up at a packed St Clement Parish Hall tonight for the first of the Senatorial “all Island” contest - with just 4 seats to be won in the States Assembly.

One candidate – Chris Whitworth – did not actually line up since he was only on the stage in the form of a paper cut-out. This was especially curious since he was visibly on the premises in living form and Darius Pearce declined the opportunity to deliver his introductory speech although he answered some of the questions from the electorate later.

Here 3/13ths of the candidates are shown making their introductory speeches of four minutes each more or less. Other speeches will be shown here as the campaign progresses but these were probably the best efforts of the evening. Honest Nev might have to revise whatever odds he has offered for Stuart Syvret, Sir Philip Bailhache and Dr Mark Forksitt  on this showing.

This blog cannot attempt to show interviews with all the candidates in this first ever Jersey general election but invitations have been offered and it is hoped that more extensive discussions with some candidates will be offered over the next few weeks.

ELECTION DAY is 19 October.


  1. I think Mark Forskitt should top the poll! Come on Jersey folk get behind him.

  2. Tom Gruchy.

    Your readers might want to view the speeches of Senator Freddie Cohen and David Richardson HERE

  3. I am not happy to say it but I think you are right about those three having the best performance on the night. Syvret and Forskitt would constitute a formidable opposition to the status quo.

  4. Syvret, Forskitt, Le Gresley, Pearce are the four to vote for to foment real change.