Friday, September 30, 2011

Rose Colley Senatorial speech Jersey elections September 2011


  1. Have things become so screwed up that we need a UK lawyer and self confessed friend of the Institute of Directors to reconnect the States to the ordinary people in the Island? Cannot these professional types let people have their own voice instead of mediating everything?

    Will she be campaigning for some working class candidates or the other women senatorial candidates, in the interests of balance?

    I won't hold my breath and I certainly won't vote for her.

  2. Clearly Rose is playing a game, but what game. Whose side is she on really? Going for the women's vote is fine but where are the feminist politics? I have not heard any so far.

    Husting with Sir Philip on the BBC were all jolly friendly and professional. Of course we can all get along in the new House. That is what worries me.

  3. So obviously in the pocket of the old guard. No sense of political ideology -how dare she suggests she understands ordinary people or exploit the old I'm a woman too line!