Monday, September 26, 2011

David Charap on Editing the image and information

David Charap a film editor was in Jersey to address a master class at The Branchage festival this week and he is a very experienced and well travelled professional.
For the class he was in the company of colleague and director Mark Isaacs and he showed clips from their joint documentary work.

With just a ten minutes slot before flying back to London in true cinema style he gave this short, instant interview. If there was more time we could have developed some themes – but enough here to indicate that what we see is always modified and controlled by some means or other. Everybody has a point of view – there is no such thing as impartiality and we all have baggage (my thoughts and words).

Those who cannot wait for the JEP to be wound up should consider what is said here. If documentary making is doomed too – where shall we obtain reliable information about anything?

This interview will also be posted on the Jersey Camcorder Club website where other locally made videos are accessible.

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