Friday, January 6, 2012

More on Care in Jersey - the Architect's View from Paul Harding...

This is the third video blog in this series about care in Jersey because it is such an important subject that concerns us all.

Once again this interview was initially carried out as part of the research for the video "Green Paper..let's talk about it" prepared by Annette Lowe and Mike Dun and posted previously. Disc copies of this are available free of charge to any groups who want one.

Here Paul Harding, President of the Association of Jersey Architects expresses his views but reveals that the Association was not consulted by the Health Department in the preparation it its own discussion paper, published in May 2011.

If this whole matter is to be properly considered then there must be a much wider understanding of the immense peoblems ahead. Active consultation and cooperation will need to be encouraged between States Departments such as Health, Housing, Social Security, Planning and Finance besides the private and charitable providers of care, medics, volunteers, carers (paid or unpaid), those cared for, and the providers of facilities and services such as Architects and builders.

This is just a small part of that discussion process. What do YOU think?

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