Thursday, January 5, 2012

Senator Le Gresley Jersey's Social Security Minister interview on Caring in the Community...

Following the publication of the Health & Social Services Department Consultation Paper in May 2011 “Caring for each other…” etc I have prepared a video documentary response in conjunction with Annette Lowe.

This will be published separately on You tube and via this blog and other sites. It will also be available in DVD (Disc) format for individuals or groups with a particular interest in the issues raised.

In the meantime I am posting this interview with Senator Francis Le Gresley, the recently elected Minster for Social Security. This was recorded as part of the background research for the disc and appears here in a largely unpolished, uncut version.
Unused footage of interviews with others will also appear here in due course.

Anybody who still believes that they might slip into a comfortable future care system provided and financed by Jersey taxpayers should really study the facts.
Here we discuss some of the wider issues and responsibilities of Jersey government to provide care as well as the practicalities when so many people survive serious illness, accidents and old age but not always being able to fend for themselves.

Be warned that this interview is nearly 25 minutes long – so unless you can watch an entire episode of Eastenders or
it will probably be too much for you in one go. Best to pour a large measure of Wincarnis or make a mug of cocoa to sustain you on this voyage of discovery – but if you thought that YOU had a right to be cared for in Jersey, you had better think again. It seems that the Jersey government might have no obligation to care for anybody – just as it has recently discovered that it has no obligation to house anybody either.

So hold tight and listen carefully – your miserable or happy future might depend on it.

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