Friday, January 20, 2012

Rebecca and Cosmin from Romania in a Jersey paradise...

In Romania this week there have been widespread street riots.
Similar discontent with corrupt government, a failing economy and suppression of civil rights has been expressed in neighbouring Hungary.

It is a familiar tale and serves as a useful background to this interview with Rebecca and Cosmin who have settled in Jersey and plan to start a family here.

As Christians they have faith in God so far as gaining a home in Jersey is concerned but it is especially interesting to learn something about the economic, racial and ethnic tensions that exist in Romania so that Jersey is a “paradise” in comparison.

Cosmin is from a farming family and it is also interesting to learn that Romanian agriculture is mostly organic yet many growers cannot compete with the lower prices of Turkish products that are widely imported.

When Ceausescu was deposed in 1989 the problems of this country were not solved so it is no wonder that many Romanians have taken the opportunity to seek a better life in such places as Jersey.

The sound quality on this interview with this quiet, optimistic couple is not very great but it is hoped that their tale is informative and worth a little of your attention.


  1. The video interview comes across as though you were holding them hostage.

  2. ...but at least I have tried.
    What are you doing that is better?

  3. A rare and interesting interview. None of the Commercial Media would seek to address the views of immigrants and it is a compliment to the 5th Estate that it does. We see their natural humanity that they are really no different than ourselves. As workers we should defend their right to work and fight discrimination.

    Both have been here over two years and are therefore entitled to vote in Jersey's elections as we are in an election year. They, like other recent immigrants, need to register and vote since there will be numerous candidates with xenophobic and racist views. Were such persons to be elected then our interviewees lives would be a lot more difficult.